PhD Student

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I started my PhD within the Systems Research Group (SRG) at the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL), University College Dublin (UCD), in September 2007 under Prof. Paddy Nixon and Dr. Simon Dobson. My scholarship to research complex, adaptive and autonomous sensor networks was awarded by the Irish Research Council For Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) in October 2007. Since then my PhD focus has moved onto research into Delay Tolerant Networking in Human Contact Networks/Social Networks, and I now work with Professor Padraig Cunningham in the SFI Clique Cluster, also based in CASL

I graduated with a First Class honours degree; BSc (hons) Internet Computing, from the University of Hull, in June 2006, and went on to work as a Computer Forensics Consultant for Protiviti Ltd in September 2006, before leaving to study at UCD.

Previously I worked in a number of roles, and also ran two small enterprises. (Student Internet Services and Old Town Carnival Week Photography)

Web and software developer

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I am a keen first class honours graduate of BSc Internet Computing, with skills based in Computer Forensics, Networking, Web Development, Web Technologies and Software Development, trained to work professionally with W3C recommendations and with an appreciation for accessibility guidelines on both team based and solo projects. In september 2007 I finished working as a computer forensics consultant for a risk management company in London, to join University College Dublin as a PhD Student at the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL).


Since 2005 I have been the official photographer for Hastings Old Town Carnival Week, and have taken thousands and sold hundreds of photographs of participants of the annual festival. I am interested in candid, portrait, digital and black & white photography. I hope to extend my skills into studio and wedding/event photography.


My intent is to develop an interesting and varied career that allows me to contribute my skills and experiences in a positive way, allowing myself to progress in both my career and lifestyle. At the same time my objective is to continually learn new technologies and skills to enhance my knowledge and abilities, offering a high level of professionalism to my employers and anyone I work with.

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